2022-11-27: Is there a way to tell the official micro.blog app to open links in Safari, and not the build in …

2022-11-17: Good morning everyone 👋

2022-11-10: Good morning 👋 back from an early morning walk. This could turn into something i can think of doing …

2022-11-07: Currently reading: Data-Oriented Programming by Yehonathan Sharvit 📚

2022-10-17: Klingenberg, Main

2022-09-14: Oh wow! It seems like, that employers in Germany are soon required by law, to log the working hours …

2022-09-10: Cooking with a view

2022-09-09: Ruïnes de Empúries

2022-09-06: Hola

2022-09-05: Vacation mode ON #spain2022

2022-08-16: Hello everyone ✌️ FYI: I just signed up for a re-introductionary session at a CrossFit box near me …

2022-08-03: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im ICE 694 nach Frankfurt(Main)Hbf #travelynx

2022-08-02: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im IC 1291 nach Weinheim(Bergstr)Hbf #travelynx

2022-08-01: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im IC 1291 nach Weinheim(Bergstr)Hbf #travelynx

2022-08-01: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im ICE 694 nach Frankfurt(Main)Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-29: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im ICE 108 nach Mannheim Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-27: Currently reading: The Extended Mind by Annie Murphy Paul 📚

2022-07-25: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im ICE 101 nach Freiburg(Breisgau) Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-25: 🚅 Ich bin gerade im ICE 1571 nach Karlsruhe Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-22: Good morning everyone 😊✌️

2022-07-21: ✌️ Ich bin gerade im ICE 274 nach Mannheim Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-18: Good Morning 😊✌️ Ich bin gerade im ICE 5 nach Freiburg(Breisgau) Hbf #travelynx

2022-07-15: Ich bin gerade im ICE 72 nach Mannheim Hbf #travelynx

2022-06-19: Whiskey Sour

2022-06-07: After two days Kaiserwetter, there has to be Unwetter. The Law of the Alps!

2022-06-06: Hike to the Holzalm-Kasalm at Wildschönau, Tirol

2022-06-05: Hike to the Nordbergalm at Wildschönau, Tirol

2022-06-04: Family Vacation at Almdorf Wildschönau, Tirol

2022-06-04: First order of business when going on vacation, you stop and buy a #lustigesTaschenbuch

2022-05-10: 🚂 Ich bin gerade im IC 2183 nach Weinheim(Bergstr)Hbf #travelynx

2022-05-02: Ich bin gerade in der RB 13760 nach Weinheim(Bergstr)Hbf #travelynx

2022-05-01: Day 1: switch Which reminded me that i didn‘t played videogames in a long time on the Nintendo …

2022-04-30: Slowly starting to socialize again #comedyHall #watzmaenner

2022-04-27: Turns out, installing a new heating system is quite a bit of work, even for professionals😀 Its good …

2022-03-24: Well, if you want money from your bank, you have to hand in a whole lot of documents. And pictures …

2022-01-08: Good morning everyone 🥳 Today is my first day off of my two week vacation 🚀😛

2022-01-06: The home gym, we started to setup in december last year, is coming along quite nicely 😊

2022-01-05: Hello from Ulysses 😊👋

2022-01-04: Oh well, i somehow managed to delete all my posts because of some kuddelmuddel like we say in …

2022-01-04: Hello backpain my old friend 🤨